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Marvel Relaunches 'West Coast Avengers' as Young Hero Team

Stage 1: Fort Worth & The Updated Schedule

This morning marked the start of the 10 in 10. I had many thoughts going into this first run. There is a lot of significance to why I chose this location. I started at LaGrave Field, the same place I finished my fifth and last run of the previous attempt. It was really great to start where I left off and feel like I am putting the last attempt behind me.

LaGrave: The 100 mile startline
I'm sorry to say that the run started off pretty poorly. We received some much needed rain overnight, perfect timing for a cold front to come through, but this also meant that the access to the trail from LaGrave was a pool of water. I attempted to go through the grass, but it was just as flooded. After 10 steps in water about a foot deep my shoes were filled with water, not a great way to start a 10 mile run. After a wet start I had to climb a ridge that gave me a great view of the drive-in theatre.
Drive-In Theater

I headed south on the Trinity Park trails and took the west portion which goes out to University. This mirrors the cowtown 50K course, an ultramarathon that I'm planning on running next February. Since this is my pseudo-ultra, I thought it would be a good start. The rain created a number of muddy areas I could not avoid and after going south to I-30 and making my way back I had to take a break. 7 miles in I took a quick break to ring out my socks and knock off some mud. The two minute break, dryer and tighter shoes, really helped and I was able to make it the rest of the way back on pace.

View of downtown from Trinity Park

My goal, at least for the moment, is to run about a 8:25/mi pace. The real goal is to just run each day without stopping, the pace is secondary, but I was happy to finish right on target.


The schedule has changed. I swapped Highland Village with Irving, a course in Valley Ranch that goes by the polo fields that I've played ultimate at a number of times. It is also a good chunk of the Irving Marathon, a new marathon to the metroplex. Highland Village is also over an hour drive to a complicated course I didn't have time to practice. I also swapped dates to run Euless and Coppell so that I can run with a co-worker.
9/11 - Ft. Worth
9/12 - Coppell
9/13 - Colleyville
9/14 - North Richland Hills
9/15 - Irving
9/16 - Southlake
9/17 - Grapevine
9/18 - Flower Mound
9/19 - Euless
9/20 - Keller