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Stage 10: Keller

Shady Grove
Finally, the end. I was very happy to be starting my final run. There were times I wasn't sure if I could make it to the end, and others where I thought this challenge was a little too easy. In the end I think it was harder than just about every marathon I've done. Consistently getting up early regardless of the weather and how I felt. Carb'ing up every day, eating and icing every night. The logistics of meeting other people, knowing each course, remembering to plan ahead, having help from Meredith to get the girls to school and getting my work done at the same time.

Bear Creek Park
This run, although possible when we first moved to Keller, is now much easier with a lot of construction in the area complete. Keller-Smithfield Road did not connect to Tarrant when we moved here so portions of this course didn't exist two years ago. Keller is an ok place to run. There is a lot of white line running, which is dangerous and I try and limit myself from doing. Two lane roads where you run on the white line running against traffic, jumping out of the way because 50% of the cars play chicken with you, moving at the last second. A gamble that has little consequence to them, but can be really scary, because some just don't care to move for you.

Running under the train tracks
Shady Grove has little to no traffic, it connects well to Bear Creek. Then Keller Smithfield is a big hill with no shoulder. I tend to run in North Richland Hills because it is safer, but it was nice to finish this run in my hometown. Meredith and the girls came to the park to see me run by on my 8 (98 overall). Which was a welcome sight, and something to look forward to. I didn't want to coast in the last day, so I aimed for my fastest run yet. It was hard to top day 9 in Euless, but I forced myself to start fast to have a nice cushion at the end. I was able to run a 1:17 which is about 7:45/mile. A great run for my 11th* day of running. *=I ran 7 miles the day before starting the 10in10, so I actually ran 107 miles in 11 days, or 4 marathons.

Bear Creek Park
Will I ever try this again? Maybe. I would if I had some more friends to run with, and I would try and run 9 new cities (repeating only Keller). Maybe: Lewisville, Hurst, Highland Village, Alliance, Arlington, Dallas, and 3 others. Any takers, do you have a course to run with me?