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Stage 3: Colleyville

McDonwell School Rd.
The first weekend run was a little tough to get out of bed for. It has been unusually cold this week, which is perfect for all of my running, and today I proved just how much easier it is to run faster in the cold. For the last two days I've been running at an 8:20/mi pace for the most part, today I ran at 7:55/mi and probably could have done even better. Of course I have to think about the next 7 days, but I was quite happy to run so comfortably at this pace.

Trail through neighborhood
The run started at 57 degrees with a pretty good, cool wind. I actually had to run with a long sleeve shirt, and since it wasn't 90+ I wasn't drenched in sweat after 2 miles.

One of the many amazing homes in Colleyville
Most of this run is through a pretty new part of town. Most of the trails here didn't exist a few years ago and some of the mansions are pretty incredible. I forget how impressive these homes are when I run and drive by them almost daily.

Cottonbelt Trail

The whole adventure of this 10 in 10 was to find some new courses to run in marathon training. When I found this one two years ago I liked it so much I made it part of my regular training. Now when I run my 16, 18, or 20 mile training runs I venture to Cottonbelt trail just about every time. Cottonbelt trail starts on the east side of Colleyville, and actually will be connecting to Grapevine up highway 26 very soon. It goes southwest all the way through North Richland Hills, and I'll talk more about this section on tomorrow's run. It is a nice isolated, paved trail with a bathroom and water fountain on the course and has very few road crossings.

Cottonbelt Trail
 Unfortunately I got a little mixed up in the last two miles. Rather than taking Texas Trail I ended up on Lonesome Dove which had me stuck on Precinct Line. I tried to correct this 1/2 mile later and ran into a gated community where I had to climb a 10 foot fence. I'm a little frustrated that Colleyville is gating everything up like Southlake, but thankfully Cottonbelt is always open. These mistakes added 1/2 mile to the run, if this was a 90 degree run I would have been pretty frustrated, but since it was so cool and I felt so good it didn't bother me in the slightest.

Three down and feeling better each day.