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Marvel Relaunches 'West Coast Avengers' as Young Hero Team

Stage 5: Irving

Champion Trail near Library
One of the further runs from home, this one took me a little while to get to in the morning. I wasn't able to get started until 8:50am which is later than I finished the last 3 runs. The temperatures are starting to go back up, and since I was starting later in the day, it was over 75 degrees. This is still very pleasent considering that I ran 6 miles of this course the day before I started this adventure, and it was 102 degrees!

Trail overlooking Valley Ranch
I started at an irresponsible 7:40/mi pace and was under 39 minutes at the 5 mile point. I was smart enough to slow myself down at this point to a more comfortable 8:00/mi, which is good because I started to struggle in the last two miles. The course I made for myself just last week starts at the Irving Library just off of McArthur in Valley Ranch and is a simple out-and-back on Champions Trail. I'm not fond of out-and-backs, they are good in some respects because they are very easy to control exact how far you go. Just turn around at the 1/2 way point. I just find it very difficult to stop, and turn around and re-run everything you just did.

Crossing under a noisy highway
The first half mile on Champions Trail is very very nice. A small paved trail that runs along a well manicured river. There are a number of access points and lights, it seems like it is well used and I was happy to see a number of people out walking. That section is short lived and after a good climb up man made hill you fnd yourself on a trail that just looks like "Texas" to me. What do I mean? It is a very wide trail, with no overhanging trees. The trees are scarce, there are patches of cactus, and it is hot and flat. The grass is sun scortched, and the trail markings have a frontiers look to them.

Horses at polo fields
I hate to make this trail seem bad, it certainly wasn't my favorite, since it has a constant hum of traffic as it crosses under several major highways. However, it is rare to find over 5 miles of trails, all paved, without a single road crossing. If you don't like to worry about cars, this is the trail for you. It was also pretty cool to run by the Las Colinas Polo fields where I've played ultimate a number of times and even coordinated several tournaments here, and it was the first time I've actually seen horses running on the fields.

Wilkerson grove. The only trees over the trail.
Half way, which now matches my attempt from two years ago, just 37 minutes faster! And I don't have jury duty tomorrow.

Some nice water views on the trail