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Stage 8: Flower Mound

Alphonse, Kathy, and Keith
I had been looking forward to this day since Stage 4. The last few days had been getting pretty rough and my left hamstring didn't have much more left in it. Several of my co-workers live in Flower Mound. Alphonse, who is training for his first marathon later this fall; and Kathy, who runs more consistently than myself. I drove to Alphonse's and we ran to Kathy's house a mile away on our 10 mile loop. I agreed to slow it down for them which they had been worried about. This was actually a blessing because I really needed this recovery day and knew it would help. I was able to use my calves more than I usually do and keep my weight off of my hamstring. At a slightly slower pace this actually worked really well.I've very thankful to have had them, because I don't know how to slow down sometimes.

Empty morning street
Flower Mound is not a great place to run. In some ways it could be, but there would still be some faults. First of all there are some pretty serious roads here. Basically all of Flower Mound and Highland Village have these 6 lane feeder roads to 121 and 35 and they do not have a shoulder or sidewalk. This is the big issue. The smaller, but equally frustrating part is that the sidewalks are just for aesthetics. They aren't continuous and have low hanging trees everywhere. If they were continuous this could be a nice city to run in, but at the moment they have some of the most egregious ends to sidewalks. Some don't just end they actually put you in a position where you have to jump over something or step into traffic.

Old lake road
We started early enough that some of the streets we were on where pretty empty. The nice part about this run is when you head towards the lake. There are some old closed roads that make for great running trails and have some pretty good offroad sections. When the road picked back up we were far from the traffic and made our way to a nice neighborhood trail that Alphonse and Kathy are both very familiar with.

We went back to Alphonse's house, where his wife Didi was nice enough to have breakfast waiting for use before we headed to work. It was a great run and had me well set up for the last two. I'll really remember this day for a while.

Kathy on an off road portion