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Marvel Relaunches 'West Coast Avengers' as Young Hero Team

Stage 9: Euless

Early morning in the neighborhoods
Day 9 took me back to a place I called home for two years. After we were engaged Meredith and I moved to an apartment in Euless, our first home together. It is where I made the switch from playing ultimate to being a runner again. I started by training for a 15K and eventually made my way up to a half marathon while living here. So my courses tended to be 6-8 miles, coming back for a 10 mile run pushed me to run in slightly new areas of town.

Euless is old school, unlike a lot of new additions that are popping up in Colleyville, Southlake, and Alliance right now they are the type where you can enter into once side of a neighborhood and come out the other side at another major road. The trend of developers right now is to make neighborhoods with few entrances that you can't run through. You can avoid a lot of major roads running through neighborhoods in Euless. The hard part is that you have a lot of different roads to remember, the positive is that changing streets every few blocks keeps you distracted from focusing on the distance and the run goes by really fast.

Bob Jones/Bear Creek Park
Since I know Euless this is one of my favorite places to run now, kind of like a homecoming. Running in the neighborhoods is great, but you do have to run on the shoulder of Mid-Cities also, which is probably the most dangerous section of this whole 10 in 10.

The run started rough, my calves really hurt from my change in stride from Flower Mound. Once I worked through the pain and warmed up I felt the best I had in days. Euless' elevation is up, down, up, then down like running around a bowl. So after a tough start I was running my fastest miles yet. I ended with a 7:30 and 7:15 for my fastest run so far. An early start and 70 degrees also helped.