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The Challange & The First Attempt

Two years ago I had completed 4 marathons and was spending timing reading a periodical called "Marathon & Beyond." This Bi-Monthly magazine had many articles about running Ultra Marathons. As most of you know a marathon is 26.2 miles, but few realize that there are crazy people out there than think this isn't enough. So they run extreme endurance races. Anything longer than 26.2 miles can be classified as an ultramarathon with the more standard distances being 50K (31.2mi), 50 miles, 100K (62.4mi), and 100 miles.

Some of the more popular ultras are Badwater (135mi) which is a race through the desert, Western States 100 and Leadville 100. I came to several conclusions while reading all of these articles. #1. 26.2 is just a number, if you love to run you don't have to run an exact number, do whatever you want. #2. I don't need to pay someone $100 on a closed course and get a t-shirt and medal to have an accomplishment.

I decided to come up with my own running challenge. I was tired of running the same training loops near work and home and wanted to venture out across the metroplex. I decided that a 10 mile run was enough to run a circle around most of the cities and their local park trail. Since 100 miles seems to be a pretty special ultra feat, and I'm not that crazy, at least yet. I decided to spread this out across a 10 day span.

The goal is: 10 miles a day, for 10 days straight, in 10 different cities.

In September of 2012, I spent a month plotting, driving, running, and modifying courses then came up with a schedule. I started with Euless on a Friday. Ran Colleyville & Southlake on the weekend, then Grapevine on Monday. 4 Days and 40 miles in I ran into a pretty big obstical. Day 5 I had Jury Duty in Downtown Fort Worth. I plotted Day 5 starting from the Jury Duty Parking Lot next to the Trinity Trail. I assumed I would either not get picked or at least be done in 1 day. Well I got picked for a felony rape case. I managed to get the 5th run done after the first day of trial, but fatigue and stress from the case, plus getting done at 5:30pm made continuing hard enough. On top of that, the next days planned were in Highland Village and Flower Mound which would have meant running the next 3 days with no dinner, at night, and mean a lot of extra driving.

A year later I changed my goal to running 40 days straight, as well as, training to break 4 hours in a marathon. I did the first goal in September and broke 4 hours in both marathons in November & February. This year I'm focused on seeing the 10in10 through.

Here is the plan: Start September 11th where it all went bad last time, Trinity Park in Fort Worth. Then Euless and Colleyville (same courses), then North Richland Hills (on the new trail), Highland Village on Monday followed by 3 hours of Ultimate. Find a new course in Southlake for Tuesday. Same course in Grapevine Wednesday. Run from a friends house in Flower Mound Thursday. My tried and true Coppell work training course Friday. Then finish at home in Keller on Saturday.

I will post courses, times, and photos from each run as I go. I look forward to trying this yet again as an even stronger runner. I look forward to sharing this with you, as well as your support. This time no jury duty!


  1. Here is day8. I am going to try it thie weekend :)



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