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Do You Have a Healthy Mindset?

Think about all the time that you spend taking care of your body: the organic food, the vitamin supplements, and, who can forget — the exercise. Do you focus the same amount of attention on your attitude, outlook, and self-confidence? The fact is, your mindset and view of the world can have a significant impact on your health and relationships, as well as on your success and happiness. It’s time to nurture your frame of mind, too.

You are limited by your thoughts. While some of your thinking is constructive, other times it’s detrimental, actively working against you. There are specific things you can do to make your mindset work for you rather than against you.

Get in the Right Frame of Mind

Give your mindset a workout. Take a moment each day to ensure that your mindset is positive and is actively serving your best interests. Here are 13 factors to serve as guideposts.
  1. Identify things to be thankful for. Are you grateful for what you have or do you take things for granted? Take a moment to appreciate the wonderful things in your life.
  2. Dance through life. Do you put the best face on things or complain all the time? Happiness is contagious…pass it on. As Dale Carnegie said, “Act enthusiastic, and you will be enthusiastic.”
  3. See the bright side. Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? Choose to see the positive side, today.
  4. Challenge yourself. Do you embrace new opportunities or let your fears stop you from reaching your true potential? Step out of your comfort zone and go for it.
  5. Do yourself proud. Do you do your best or settle for mediocrity? Excellence is not a destination, but a way of life.
  6. Make the first move. Do you give freely or wait for others to go first? Give of yourself without expectation of something in return. One of the best ways to find satisfaction is to give it away.
  7. Show your gratitude. Do you show your appreciation or ignore other people’s kindness and support? Take a moment to show how much you care.
  8. Learn something new. Do you learn something new every day or hang onto old ways? Everyone likes routines; learn by breaking some of yours.
  9. Take a five-minute vacation. Do you add to your busy schedule or find ways to eliminate unnecessary tasks? Use your extra time to practice mindfulness, meditation, or yoga.
  10. Purge bad thoughts and emotions. Do uplifting or negative thoughts fill your head each day? Every time you feel anger, jealousy, or hate coming on, tell yourself, “Not today.”
  11. See the good in people. Do you focus on people’s strengths or obsess over their weaknesses? Compliment someone. It’ll make them feel good. And it’ll make you feel good, too.
  12. Reflect back on your day. Do you learn your lessons through experience or repeat your mistakes? Take a moment to reflect on your actions. Pause…and learn, before marching on.
  13. Give yourself a pat on the back. Do you celebrate your wins or belittle yourself? Identify a couple of wins each day and give yourself an attaboy. You deserve it.

Changing Your Mindset Is a Game Changer

We have a tendency to accentuate the negative rather than the positive. This is an evolutionary survival skill that we learned to help us avoid danger lurking around the bend. The problem is, if we permit negativity to overpower our thoughts — the power of suggestion will ultimately drag us down.
The best way to nurture your frame of mind is to turn the tables on negativity. Get into the habit of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, of counting your blessings, and of being kind and generous to others. See the best, expect the best, and be the best. That’s looking on the bright side. Are you up for the challenge? You have a healthy body…nurture a healthy mindset, too.